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Cheryl Harrison CLTC specialist, helping people with long term planning since 2001.

Getting Started

Getting Started

If you lived a long life could your health become compromised?
Take the first step, reach out to me and let’s have a conversation to find your Peace of Mind Care Plan. Learn why asset don’t pay for extended care, income does.
Let’s play that out.

The most overlooked
threat to retirement income
is an LTC event

Getting to know me:

Being a caregiver to a family member for many years took a toll on my health emotionally and physically. Caregivers many times are in crisis management and loose their passion for living. I would never want to put that burden on my family. Having the heart of a caregiver drives my passion to help and protect people. My personal and professional experience of being an insurance agent since 1999 has empowered me to educate people to protect themselves, their retirement income and their families for generations to come.

Getting to know you:

As a specialist LTC planning is all about me getting to know you. The first place to start is for us to talk for a few minutes to see if you health qualify. Then we can set a time to have a conversation in person or remotely so I can understand you, your family dynamics and how much risk you want to take on financially. I’ll educate you on what LTC means, explain the risks, the cost of care today and in the future. I will explain what Medicare covers, then recommend solutions that best fit your needs.

I educate advisors and clients nationwide about Extended Care Planning.

Having the best companies and solutions to offer my clients is important to me and I am constantly staying on top of solutions in this changing environment. I enjoy working with financial advisors, elder law attorneys, CPA’s, trust advisors and other insurance agents to educate and protect their clients from an extended care event.