Cheryl Harrison CLTC, LTC specialist, helping people with long term planning since 2001.

Long term care (LTC) planning is more about Peace of Mind than about money. Planning ahead and making decisions now helps you stay independent, removes the burden from your family and helps assure the quality care that you deserve.

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The most overlooked threat to retirement income is an LTC event. 


Why do people get a Peace of Mind Care Plan?

Watch our video “Be Like Bob” to find the answer:


         DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?

    If your plan is …   … you may not know that …
Family Relying on family members to take care of you Family members may not be available when you need them.
Self-Insure Using your own income or savings to pay for care The cost of long term care can drain your retirement, leaving you little to nothing to live on.
Government  Programs Medicare and Medicaid Both have limits on the time and the amount of care.
LTC     Insurance Transferring some of the risk to an insurance company

This is the best solution in terms of cost and coverage.


Having a conversation with Cheryl, you can learn how to help protect your family, yourself and your retirement income and take advantage of federal and state tax saving incentives.

Understanding LTC