Clients share their thoughts on the value they see in having long term care insurance. I enjoy reflecting back on how I was able to help protect people and their families.

“Craig and I had talked years about LTC. We really appreciate how thoroughly you explained everything. buy viagra online cheap uk best site to buy provigil online You are extremely easy to work with. It was a great experience. Thanks so much.”

Craig and Pam



“Having LTC insurance is a top priority for us and we finally got it. My father was in memory care. My mom has been in and out of assisted living and is back in from here on out. Just moved my aunt into memory care and Jim’s mom is in residential care. Seeing how fast the retirement money is being spent for care, really put the pressure on us to get LTC insurance. Cheryl was very helpful but not pushy (we don’t like people like that). she helped us understand & pick a good LTC insurance plan that fit our budget. Thank you Cheryl!”

Jim and Connie



“Thank you for helping make our decision easier. After seeing first hand the financial impact that LTC makes we realize we need to protect not only each other but our famiiy too. May the Lord bless you.”

Randy and Janice


“Thank you Cheryl for your thoughtful and comprehensive explanation of long term care insurance. Your ability to explain all of the facets of the policy was extremely helpful to us and allowed us to make an informed decision.”

Jim and Lindsay



Thank you Cheryl for all your patience in helping my husband and me through the application process. It is gratifying to know we will have long term care insurance before long. I am already experiencing great peace of mind even though we are only in the application process.”

Nancy and Leeroy